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  • The 15 best virtual tour software for real estate according to

    The best 3D Virtual Tours for Real Estate and iGUIDE is one of them. Here is a link of the article featured recently in

  • Is this the Matterport Killer? iGUIDE vs Matterport!

    Matterport vs. iGuide is a big subject, and I am often asked what the difference is between iGuide and Matterport, as well as what new technologies should we be on the lookout for. Well, a couple of months ago I posted this video about the new iGuide Planitar system and it has definitely been watched and commented on by many folks who find this topic as fascinating and controversial as I do! Take a look and let me know what you think, and if you bought an iGuide system and tried both I would love to hear your thoughts on using this vs. Matterport. We use both in our business and are not quite ready to roll-out iGuide to all of our photographers, but we do think it has filled a missing hole in the coverage that our team wanted and needed to have the widest variety of tools to handle any real estate virtual tour needs. Blog by Hopscotch.

  • The Open House may be headed for extinction!

    The Globe and Mail (8 October 2021) The Open House may be headed for extinction A small portion from the article: To be sure, some agents never stopped doing open houses, maybe they just modified the usual rules for COVID-19 protections. But Mr. Kutyan and many agents like him have found that virtual tours – or 3-D guided tours – are more than sufficient to weed out the looky-loos from the potentially serious buyers and he still does individual in-person showings. The virtual tour is the key tool in this transition, and many of the companies that provide them have seen booming growth. Waterloo, Ont.-based Planitar Inc., makers of the iGuide measuring system and virtual tour platform, has seen its share of its home market nearly double. “iGuide is the market leader in Canada with about 12 per cent of the national market,” Alexander Likholyot, CEO of Planitar, said. “In 2019, we were probably around five or six per cent of the market. During COVID our growth rate doubled overnight.” Source: The Globe and Mail I encourage you to read the entire article. Tip: Statistics in this article may be helpful. Best,

  • Interest in 3D tours explodes on Zillow, especially for rentalsWith in-person real estate activity

    The number of virtual 3D tours being created on Zillow exploded last month and especially in the past week, according to the real estate listing portal and technology company. The increase comes at a time when many states are banning or severely limiting in-person real estate activity. “Now that most people are sheltering in place, one would expect the creation and engagement to rise dramatically,” Josh Weisberg, the vice president of rich media experiences at Zillow told Inman. “Sellers are uncomfortable with having a lot of people come into their home to stage and show a property. “The free 3D Home app allows sellers to create a tour and share it with their agent so the agent can continue to market the home to prospective buyers,” Weisberg added. “Landlords and property managers are in a similar situation — 3D Home helps them market their properties now so renters can continue to shop and are ready to move when things begin to return to normal.” For sale listings saw the smallest increase, but still a significant one. Last week, 192 percent more 3D tours were created, over the same week in February and in total, Zillow saw an 89 percent increase in the creation of 3D tours in March over February. See entire Article:

  • Our latest iGUIDE of a 212 Hectare Farm close to Punta Del Este for Sale

    Located in what many Uruguayans say is the "Tuscany" of Uruguay in the convenient department of Maldonado just 100 Km from Montevideo on a four-lane new divided highway and, and 40 minutes inland from the Atlantic Ocean at Punta Ballena from the beach. The farm is a short drive of about 35 minutes by car on Uruguay Ruta 12 from Punta del Este, a popular resort town with restaurants, hotels, shopping, hospitals, supermarkets, and services. Punta del Este has a very nice private airport that can handle almost all larger private jets. And importantly easily accessible on three of its four sides by paved road yet totally private. The total acreage is 212 hectares or 524 acres. The land consists of several padrones, all contiguous, surrounded on three of its four sides by a beautiful small river which transverses the land and is crossed with a new professionally designed, engineered, and architecturally built bridge which makes it possible for easy access to the whole farm not requiring travel on the road outside of the farm to move animals and equipment within the whole property. The current owner has not developed it for row cropping and high agricultural yields. Instead, he has maintained quality pastures and soil fertility for the maintenance of healthy animals. This has resulted in a nice property that has been free of chemical contamination for 8 years. Currently, the ranch is easily supporting 114 animals made up of Herford mama cows, heifers, 8 horses and pets of six llamas, 8 burrows, and two Jersey milk cows and their AI calves. These milk cows provide high-quality A2 milk which is much more healthy and non-allergenic. There has never been an approach to push the envelope on commercial production but more of a focus on lifestyle, quality healthy animals, and enjoyment. This is not to say that it is not a working ranch because it maintains upwards of over two hundred stock animals, over 40 others including about 40 laying hens, llamas, borrows, but fortunately they are all perfectly maintained by the amazingly talented husband and wife "caseros" who have lived there for over seven years and have been directly involved with the owners for 7.5 years. The husband has been directly involved with the many improvements over the last several years such a building several buildings, a "carniceria", storage buildings, working pens, an amazing large "galpone", all new fencing for the whole property, drilling new wells, planting fertilizing and maintaining all the advanced modern equipment not more than two years old. The new modern beautiful brick 3,500-3,700 plus sq ft home is only 10-12 years old and has been exquisitely maintained with four bedrooms, 3.5 full baths, and a guest powder room. The living room boasts a large and functional wood-burning fireplace with an unusually large insert imported from Spain that heats most of the house. In addition to the large open living and dining room with vaulted timber ceiling as is most of the house. There is an amazing outside patio "parilla" with custom new and a separate special pizza baking oven. All of the buildings are new and in excellent like-new condition and other than the owner’s home and "caseros" home have all be built but the present owners recently. The barn or "galpone" with an interior of 300 square meters is all finished with concrete, loft for storage, electric doors, and a two-car garage with electrically remote operated car doors on one end. It is a perfect facility for farm usage, fiestas, storage, gatherings, farm equipment, or whatever. In addition to its conventional spaces, the building boasts a kitchen, new tiled bath with cabinets, a bidet, and a full-sized shower. This latest iGUIDE has been featured on the Craigslist for Billionaires, James Edition and and here is the direct link to the 3D Virtual Tour:

  • 3D Virtual Tours for Real Estate in Uruguay

    There’s Simply no better Way to Showcase your property than by immersing your Prospects in a 3D Virtual Tour. The pandemic has changed the real estate world forever. Advanced Digital Floor-plan and Virtual 3D Walkthrough of any Project delivered within 24 Hours for the best price possible. 3D Virtual Tours provide excellent solutions for real estate agents looking forward to a unique way to showcase their properties, and inventory. Interactive and completely immersive 3D Virtual Tours offer customers, buyers, guests, and internet users a 24/7 physical door experience, allowing them to walk through your digital twin “A replica of physical location” anytime day and night. Due to a recent increase and attraction for these 3D Virtual Tours, many internet platforms provide ease in uploading photos, additional creative videos, various creative elements such as music, text, links, etc. 3D Virtual Tours can be streamed across the internet/web via almost any mobile, tablet or any other smart devices. With the rapid expansion in the adoption of phones, tablets, and other smart devices, it is certain that the consumption, absorption, and popularity of these interactive 3D Tours will only increase. For Real Estate, Architects, Designers and Construction Projects, we prefer using iGUIDE® over others for several reasons. The essential floor plans from iGUIDE® are more accurate than the confusing Doll Houses of others. There is no monthly/annual hosting fee with iGUIDE® and you own the data. You get outdoor shoots from a DSLR Camera with iGUIDE® and DFX files to upload into a CAD or any floor planner App and you can even do Virtual Staging or upload your iGUIDE floor-plan to A RealEstate Agent and the Seller have the following advantages by using 3D Virtual Tours: No unnecessary showings, cleaning and privacy interruptions for the seller anymore by buyers who are not really interested. Less time-consuming tire-kicker visits for you! No need to drive a client hundred of km to a property without being sure he is really interested in it. Property shoot on a perfect day shows better than on a random day when visiting. Property showing and viewing can literally be done from all over the world. We can also offer “Virtual Staging” once the property is shot in 3D. The Agent and the Seller get an automated “Traffic Analytics” e-mail every Monday where you can see all the online activity by visitors. Less need to update the clients constantly by phone or e-mail. See Analytics sample: A potential buyer has access to an accurate digital floor-plan and all the room measurements of the property he is interested in. (According to this survey, floor plans is the 2nd most important feature on a listing and correlates highly with capturing potential leads. Our clients always ask us for floor-plans, and we have to try to get them from the owners, but they are not always available. And you get actual accurate m2 which in most cases we always rely on the owners what they tell us, and it can be inaccurate as you know. Chances that somebody makes an offer unseen could increase and you don’t always have to wait until the client is physically here in Uruguay. There are statistics and reports in the USA that 3D featured properties sell faster. If the office carries a VR viewer, a client or the agents can literally walk through a house and get to know without having to visit it. Helps new and existing agents to know the inventory better and faster. In Uruguay, Engel&Voelkers Punta Del Este, RealEstate-In-Uruguay and the luxury Platform JamesEdition are currently featuring their properties with iGUIDEs. See some Real Estate samples here:

  • iGUIDEs now featured on JamesEdition

    JamesEdition is the World's Largest Luxury RealEstate Platform, serving the needs of High-Net-Worth Individuals in life's most valuable personal transactions. Every month hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the globe, come to this site in the pursuit of luxury real estate and super cars, private jets, yachts etc. It has been referred to as the Craigslist for the rich or even "Craigslist for billionaires". iGUIDE Virtual Tours can now be incorporated and displayed on their listings. See an iGUIDE Virtual Tour Sample of a recently remodelled historical building in the middle of Montevideo:

  • Save time and cut costs for insurance claims and restoration projects

    Save time and cut costs by quickly capturing and sharing accurate measurements and images for insurance claims and restoration projects in Uruguay. Documenting a small claim can be time-consuming and expensive. Travel time, multiple visits, and human error can all add up. iGUIDE can help. iGUIDE provides the solution for insurance and restoration professionals to capture and share comprehensive property data for use in estimating the cost of damages quickly and efficiently. iGUIDE has worked with businesses, homeowners and Insurance companies across the globe to produce highly detailed and ultra-high-quality VR insurance tours for high end properties. This interactive piece of content can serve as a reliable and omnipotent tool to help the insurance and the client to claim damages when they register a claim with their insurance company. iGUIDE is an easily shareable 3D tour and lidar point cloud data. Not to mention the ability to measure critical information within the virtual space, saving you time and money by eliminating unnecessary site visits. The True 3D technology is your key to a productive and more efficient workflow. No other product on the market comes close to offering the same level of detail, precision, speed and cost efficiency. By using iGUIDE you can capture every aspect of the property, so you don’t miss a thing. Every scan gives you an immersive 3D space with high resolution images and detail that traditional photos simply can’t deliver. SAMPLE OF A VIRTUAL TOUR AFTER A FIRE: PRE-INSURANCE TOUR No matter how big or small your property is. Private or commercial, our iGUIDE Pre-Insurance service is your all-in-one building and contents inventory solution. See also our Insurance Section. No one wants to focus on the unforeseen or destructive events that could happen to your home or business, but if you live in a region prone to flooding, cyclones or other severe weather events, then you are one of many who need to consider proactively putting together an inventory of your homes, including all of your fixtures, fittings, contents and design footprint. For commercial properties, make sure your underwriter has all the information to provide the right coverage for your business. Every tour gives you an immersive 3D space with high resolution images, with detail that traditional photos just can’t deliver. Once captured, your 3D inventory is stored on our secure server and can be accessed by you 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, which means access is readily available whenever you need to lodge claim. An email with a link is all it takes for your insurer or underwriter to get a full and clear understanding of your property in its pre-event condition. See Prices here:

  • Tour of the month

    This beautiful historical building in the center of Montevideo was originally built in 1914 by architect A.R. Campos and has been lovingly restored by its current owners about 10 years ago. It looks like something off a movie set and is a real treasure. In fact, it is often used for making movies. The house has three stories with a retail store on the ground level with its own entrance. A staircase is leading up to the first floor into the hall with amazing carvings on the high ceilings and tall doors leading into the different bedrooms and living room. There are 5 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms on this floor. On the second floor are the kitchen and laundry room and the exit door to a large roof terrace full of mature plants and comfortable outdoor seating areas. On the top floor is another en-suite bedroom with a dressing room. There would be room to add a kitchen on the main first floor if desired. The house is currently being used as a private residence but some bedrooms have been rented out and the current owner would be happy to share their extensive contact list with a new owner. The apartment is exquisitely renovated with items sourced locally and imported from abroad. There is a self-contained shop on the ground floor with its own entrance. The current tenant is a high-end picture framer, who is charming, super reliable, and has just renewed a five-year lease. The location is in Centro and neighbours include the Tile Museum and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Centro is not an area where you’ll find many expats but the current owners love it and feel very comfortable and safe there. They walk everywhere and have never felt the need for a car. Here is a link to the iGUIDE 3D Virtual Tour of this amazing property.

  • Our latest Virtual Tour

    We just finished our latest Virtual Tour with 360 Panoramas for this modern estate on the Laguna Del Sauce in Uruguay. This modern house on Laguna del Sauce is located in a unique spot offering amazing sunset views and boasts a special, distinct and daring design. It is situated on a 23-hectare plot with a building measuring 1,200m2 with six bedrooms, making this a large property. Built in 2017, it has electric radial heating, electric blinds, a heated swimming pool, two staff apartments, and two water wells, and was all designed by the architect, Eleonora de Leon. Laguna del Sauce is the largest body of water in the town with tributaries from the rivers Sauce, Mallorquina, Potrero, and Pan de Azúcar. The east side of Laguna del Sauce has become an exclusive international neighbourhood and has some beautiful local places, like the Las Cumbres resort and Pueblo Edén to the north of the lagoon and Solanas and Punta Ballena to the south nearby. Its strategic location is just 16km from the coast and the shopping center, 21km from Laguna del Sauce Airport, 25km from the Punta del Este peninsula, and 110km from Montevideo. An ideal place for someone looking to be on the water and having some land around the house.

  • Design a Stunning Blog

    When it comes to design, the Wix blog has everything you need to create beautiful posts that will grab your reader's attention. Check out our essential design features. Choose from 8 stunning layouts Your Wix Blog comes with 8 beautiful layouts. From your blog's settings, choose the layout that’s right for you. For example, a tiled layout is popular for helping visitors discover more posts that interest them. Or, choose a classic single column layout that lets readers scroll down and see your post topics one by one. Every layout comes with the latest social features built in. Readers can easily share posts on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and view how many people have liked a post, made comments and more. Add media to your posts When creating your posts you can: Upload images or GIFs Embed videos and music Create galleries to showcase a media collection Customize the look of your media by making it widescreen or small and easily align media inside your posts. Hashtag your posts Love to #hashtag? Good news! You can add tags (#vacation #dream #summer) throughout your posts to reach more people. Why hashtag? People can use your hashtags to search through content on your blog and find the content that matters to them. So go ahead and #hashtag away!

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