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Save time and cut costs for insurance claims and restoration projects

Save time and cut costs by quickly capturing and sharing accurate measurements and images for insurance claims and restoration projects in Uruguay.

Documenting a small claim can be time-consuming and expensive. Travel time, multiple visits, and human error can all add up. iGUIDE can help.

iGUIDE provides the solution for insurance and restoration professionals to capture and share comprehensive property data for use in estimating the cost of damages quickly and efficiently.

iGUIDE has worked with businesses, homeowners and Insurance companies across the globe to produce highly detailed and ultra-high-quality VR insurance tours for high end properties. This interactive piece of content can serve as a reliable and omnipotent tool to help the insurance and the client to claim damages when they register a claim with their insurance company.

iGUIDE is an easily shareable 3D tour and lidar point cloud data. Not to mention the ability to measure critical information within the virtual space, saving you time and money by eliminating unnecessary site visits. The True 3D technology is your key to a productive and more efficient workflow. No other product on the market comes close to offering the same level of detail, precision, speed and cost efficiency. By using iGUIDE you can capture every aspect of the property, so you don’t miss a thing. Every scan gives you an immersive 3D space with high resolution images and detail that traditional photos simply can’t deliver.



No matter how big or small your property is. Private or commercial, our iGUIDE Pre-Insurance service is your all-in-one building and contents inventory solution. See also our Insurance Section.

No one wants to focus on the unforeseen or destructive events that could happen to your home or business, but if you live in a region prone to flooding, cyclones or other severe weather events, then you are one of many who need to consider proactively putting together an inventory of your homes, including all of your fixtures, fittings, contents and design footprint.

For commercial properties, make sure your underwriter has all the information to provide the right coverage for your business.

Every tour gives you an immersive 3D space with high resolution images, with detail that traditional photos just can’t deliver. Once captured, your 3D inventory is stored on our secure server and can be accessed by you 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, which means access is readily available whenever you need to lodge claim.

An email with a link is all it takes for your insurer or underwriter to get a full and clear understanding of your property in its pre-event condition.

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