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3D Virtual Construction Sites – Measure in 3D Space

A wealth of critical information about a space and its features can be gathered online directly from the iGUIDE® tour. Avoid unnecessary site visits, saving time and money, share information with anyone/anywhere 24/7, and limit costly human errors.

iGUIDE® has a 3D measurement capability – measure distances between arbitrary points in 3D space. Using only data from the iGUIDE® Lidar camera and without a need to collect time-consuming 3D point clouds. Remotely plan and manage space. Whether it's for personal use or a contractor, iGUIDE® can measure a space for several common everyday scenarios that span a broad range of industries:


  • The possibilities with this technology are endless, and for you as an architect or builder, it is also interesting that every iGUIDE® comes with a 99.6% accurate digital floor plan which can be uploaded to every CAD software for internal use.

  • No need to go and measure a remodel project. The iGUIDE® will be delivered within 24 hours, including all metric DXF files to upload to your CAD software.

  • Live Zoom calls where you go through the project together with suppliers or clients.

  • You can do weekly/monthly iGUIDE® tours to show the advance of a construction site.

  • Calculate quantity and cost when remodeling.

  • Measure windows to estimate the replacement cost for coverings or heat loss calculations.

  • Measure ceiling heights.

  • Plan cabinet layouts and determine costs for a kitchen/bathroom or any renovation.

  • Determine repair or replacement costs for carpet, hardwood, or tile flooring.

  • Plan for the placement of appliances.

  • Estimate repair costs for pipes, ducts, and wiring with digital floor plans.

  • Virtual Staging to show the client an end-product.

  • Dual viewers to show a potential client a remodel before and after.


iGUIDE® eliminates costly mistakes by having the information available anytime and the ability to measure and re-measure as many times as necessary, in any mode, until you’re confident in your calculations. Measurement accuracy for iGUIDE® will vary depending on how particular measurement points are selected by the user. Estimated uncertainty for each measurement is reported during use to aid the user in understanding the results.

3 Different Measurements Modes: 


Explore the 3 Different Measurement Modes

Now on Sale

We use the 3D Virtual Tour technology to allow its customer to browse around the construction site as if they were there. We can add Info-tags with specific product information to see full details by a hot-link to the manufacturer or even initiate a live video chat with the architect or builder to discuss further.


This can be accomplished with bird-eye drone shots, online videos, 360 photo tours, 360 videos, and iGUIDE® 3D Virtual Tours with integrated digital floor plans, if desired viewable with VR headsets, designed to make the visitor feel as if they are walking through the property. We supply the builder with weekly analytics of his online traffic.

Dual Viewer: Before and After!

It's a fact; images have a significant impact on a person's decision-making. Supplying a 3D Virtual Tour sets you apart from your competitors and provides an experience that’s informative and entertaining.

In summary, builders and architects should consider the advantages of including virtual visit components in their overall strategy. Not only are they useful in times of crisis, where sales offices are forced to shut down due to natural disasters and pandemics, they are also a means of attracting the next generation of consumers, who have already integrated online experiences into their lives. Taking the time to invest in some of the components of an online 24/7 system – without business hours – is a powerful first step towards creating a resilient business that can be successful during crisis and calm.

This is a Sample of a Live Session with integrated video conferencing that can be controlled by any participant. This could be integrated in a 3D Virtual tour for a virtual live showing. The possibilities are endless.


You can explore in 360 degrees with or without furniture

Now on Sale

We can also virtually stage a unit with a digital floor plan. These 99.6% accurate floor plans done by our iGUIDE® laser camera can be uploaded for free to an App like so that the client can virtually furnish his apartment or house. He can digitally measure the unit or print a floor plan in Pdf. Please see our page about virtually staging.

This is a Sample of a Live Session with integrated video conferencing that can be controlled by any participant. This could be integrated in a 3D Virtual tour for a virtual live showing. The possibilities are endless.


A life session with integrated video conferencing that can be controlled by any participant

Now on Sale

Possibilities: Publish on Google Street, Drone shots, embedded Video, different Languages, connect to an existing e-commerce site, virtually stage, integrated video conferencing that can be controlled by any participant or even live sessions, Traffic Analytics, Social Media, WhatsApp, and Instant Chat buttons can be added.

The Technology Used: 3D Vista Tour Pro and iGUIDE® 3D Virtual Tour, web-ready for desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile & VR Headsets.

Pricing: Depends on the project's scope, travel time and location, amount of video and photo material embedding, 3party linking, time of product text typing. The hybrid tours come mainly with a yearly hosting fee which depends on the overall GB used—embedded Video ads to the GB. iGUIDE® tours are charged by the m2 of constructed space and do not come with additional yearly hosting fees. See prices here or contact us to get a quote for larger projects.

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