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Virtual Staging

iGUIDE® is now virtual staging compatible

Virtual Staging can add personality to an otherwise empty and “lifeless” house with the addition of furniture, accessories, blue skies in the windows, and warm fires in the fireplace. iGUIDE® understands how important this functionality is for property listings, so we’ve made it easy for you to virtually stage iGUIDE®'s or to take advantage of the virtual staging services that many companies are now offering.

Who can virtually stage an iGUIDE®?

iGUIDE® 360° panos are compatible with the majority of services that will virtually stage 360° images. 360° virtual staging is provided by companies that specialize in image editing. iGUIDE does not provide this service directly.

When selecting a company to virtually stage your iGUIDE®, remember to ask them about their:

  • Ability to stage 360° images and not just 2D images.

  • Revision policy (if you are unsatisfied with an aspect of the staging).

  • Expected turnaround time-frame (how quickly you expect to get it back).

  • Cost to stage, per 360° pano, or if there is a package deal for the entire house.

iGUIDE® 360° image assets can be easily downloaded for offline editing. With virtual staging, you can add in blue skies or twilight skies to windows, replace messy Fall or Spring scrub on the lawns with green grass, put a fire in the fireplace, and much more.

You are able to have 360° panos virtually staged for an iGUIDE® up until two weeks post drafting. A good staging company we can recommend in Uruguay is

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