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Sport Events

The Future of Sport Events

We created a new marketing system of virtual Sport Event experiences that will allow Sport fans to visit Sport Events and specific Stadiums around the world from the safety of their own homes 24/7.


Let a Fan explore and walk through the Stadium, enter specific seating areas to see the specific views as never before by using their computer, tablet, or smartphone. They can take a 3D Virtual Tour before they arrive or while they're sipping on a glass of wine at home! The intent is to entice the visitor to visit someday in person and, in the meantime, to encourage them to check out the different views before purchasing  a ticket.


This can be accomplished with bird-eye drone shots, online videos, 360 photo tours, 360 videos, and iGUIDE 3D Virtual Tours, if desired with VR glasses, designed to make the visitor feel as if they are walking through the stadium.

Stadium Panorama: The Sample below of a Tennis Stadium could be connected to an e-commerce ticket sale website.

iGuide Uruguay 3D | Matterport | Eventos Deportivos | Uruguay
Now on Sale

Attract more customers by connecting the 3D Virtual Tour to Google Business/Street View. 97% of people search for local businesses online before making a decision. Google Business/Street View offers a significant advantage over your competitors by providing your potential customers that extra level of confidence by allowing them to see inside your business. It's a fact; images have a significant impact on a person's decision-making when searching for local companies. Supplying a 3D Virtual Tour sets you apart from your competitors and provides an experience that’s informative and entertaining.

In summary, both individual Events and Stadiums should consider the advantages of including virtual components in their overall marketing strategy. Not only are they useful in times of crisis, where events are forced to shut down due to natural disasters and pandemics, they are also a means of attracting the next generation of consumers, who have already integrated online experiences into their lives. Taking the time to invest in some of the components of an online event system is a powerful first step towards creating a resilient business that can be successful during crisis and calm.

Possibilities: Publish on Google Street, Drone shots, embedded Video, different Languages, connect to an existing e-commerce site, integrated video conferencing that can be controlled by any participant or even live session tasting, Traffic Analytics, Social Media, WhatsApp, and Instant Chat buttons can be added.

The Technology Used: 3D Vista Tour Pro and iGUIDE 3D Virtual Tour, web-ready for desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile & VR Headsets.

Pricing: Depends on the project's scope, travel time and location, amount of video and photo material embedding, 3party linking, time of product text typing. These hybrid tours come mainly with a yearly hosting fee which depends on the overall GB used—embedded Video ads to the GB. Contact us to get a quote.

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