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3D Virtual Restaurant - 97% of all Restaurant searches start online!

We offer a new marketing system of virtual Restaurant and Bar experience that will allow potential guests and tourists from around the world to virtually visit your establishment from the safety of their own homes 24/7.


Great photos and reviews can sell a restaurant online. However, what if everyone has great photos and reviews? How do you make your menu stand out from the crowd? VR-ready 3D virtual tours are the new frontier of immersive digital media that offers an online visitor an unparalleled experience.


Nowadays, potential guests mainly inform themselves on the Internet before going out and are becoming more and more demanding. Many, possibly embellished, pictures are no longer enough to convince them.


Therefore, present your restaurant with a 360-degree 3D Virtual Tour. This way, guests get a realistic impression of your restaurant, and instant bookings will increase.


Let customers explore and walk through the patio, enter the restaurant, and study the menu as never before using their computer, tablet, or smartphone. They can take a 3D Virtual Tour of your establishment before they arrive or while they're sipping on a glass of wine at home! The intent is to entice the guest to visit someday in person and, in the meantime, to encourage them to book a table through your connected website or booking service.


Attract more customers by connecting your 3D Virtual Tour to Google Business Street View. 97% of people search for local businesses before making a decision. Google Business View offers a significant advantage over your competitors by providing your potential customers that extra level of confidence by allowing them to see inside. It's a fact; images have a significant impact on a person's decision-making when searching for local businesses. Supplying a 3D Virtual Tour sets you apart from your competitors and provides an experience that’s informative and entertaining.

Your Google virtual tour will appear in more than Google Maps; it will also be shown in organic Google search and your Google+ Local page. Additionally, your virtual tour can also be embedded in your web pages and social media outlets such as Facebook. With four access points to your virtual tour (organic search, Google+, Google Maps, Pegman), it's nearly impossible for Google users to miss it!

Hybrid Tour: This Sample below was done for a Restaurant in Miami. While done with the competing Matterport System we can do the same with 3 D Vista Pro and put information tags or links to menus or booking systems wherever you desire. 

iGuide Uruguay 3D | Virtual Tour | Restaurantes Bares | Uruguay

Check out the information tags or links to menus or booking systems within the tour

Now on Sale

Hybrid Tour: Another Sample just simpler without any information tags or info videos.

iGuide Uruguay 3D | Virtual Tour | Restaurantes Bares | Uruguay

Check out the different 360 areas.

Now on Sale

Hybrid Tour: Check out the different 360 areas with floorplan, audio and message us button.

iGuide Uruguay 3D | Virtual Tour | Restaurantes Bares | Uruguay

Check out the different 360 areas with floorplan and message us button.

Now on Sale

We use the 3D Virtual Tour technology to allow its customer to browse around the whole outside and inside the grounds. They can see and click on a specific feature to see the full details or even connect to the booking site to make a reservation.


This can be accomplished with bird-eye drone shots, online videos, 360 photo tours, 360 videos, and iGUIDE 3D Virtual Tours if desired with VR glasses designed to make the visitor feel like they are walking through the hotel grounds.


In summary, restaurants should consider the advantages of including virtual visits in their overall marketing strategy. Not only are they useful in times of crisis, but they are also a means of attracting the next generation of consumers, who have already integrated online experiences into their lives. Taking the time to invest in some of the components of an online tourism system – linked to e-commerce – is a powerful first step towards creating a resilient business that can be successful during crisis and calm.

Possibilities: Publish on Google Street, Drone shots, embedded Video, different Languages, connect to an existing e-commerce site, virtually stage, integrated video conferencing that can be controlled by any participant or even live sessions, Traffic Analytics, Social Media, WhatsApp, and Instant Chat buttons can be added.

The Technology Used: 3D Vista Tour Pro and iGUIDE® 3D Virtual Tour, web-ready for desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile & VR Headsets.

Pricing: Depends on the project's scope, travel time and location, amount of video and photo material embedding, 3party linking, time of product text typing. The hybrid tours come mainly with a yearly hosting fee which depends on the overall GB used—embedded Video ads to the GB. Contact us to get a quote for your project.

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