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3D Virtual Tours for Real Estate in Uruguay

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

There’s Simply no better Way to Showcase your property than by immersing your Prospects in a 3D Virtual Tour. The pandemic has changed the real estate world forever. Advanced Digital Floor-plan and Virtual 3D Walkthrough of any Project delivered within 24 Hours for the best price possible.

3D Virtual Tours provide excellent solutions for real estate agents looking forward to a unique way to showcase their properties, and inventory. Interactive and completely immersive 3D Virtual Tours offer customers, buyers, guests, and internet users a 24/7 physical door experience, allowing them to walk through your digital twin “A replica of physical location” anytime day and night.

Due to a recent increase and attraction for these 3D Virtual Tours, many internet platforms provide ease in uploading photos, additional creative videos, various creative elements such as music, text, links, etc. 3D Virtual Tours can be streamed across the internet/web via almost any mobile, tablet or any other smart devices. With the rapid expansion in the adoption of phones, tablets, and other smart devices, it is certain that the consumption, absorption, and popularity of these interactive 3D Tours will only increase.

For Real Estate, Architects, Designers and Construction Projects, we prefer using iGUIDE® over others for several reasons. The essential floor plans from iGUIDE® are more accurate than the confusing Doll Houses of others. There is no monthly/annual hosting fee with iGUIDE® and you own the data. You get outdoor shoots from a DSLR Camera with iGUIDE® and DFX files to upload into a CAD or any floor planner App and you can even do Virtual Staging or upload your iGUIDE floor-plan


A RealEstate Agent and the Seller have the following advantages by using 3D Virtual Tours:

  • No unnecessary showings, cleaning and privacy interruptions for the seller anymore by buyers who are not really interested. Less time-consuming tire-kicker visits for you!

  • No need to drive a client hundred of km to a property without being sure he is really interested in it.

  • Property shoot on a perfect day shows better than on a random day when visiting.

  • Property showing and viewing can literally be done from all over the world.

  • We can also offer “Virtual Staging” once the property is shot in 3D.

  • The Agent and the Seller get an automated “Traffic Analytics” e-mail every Monday where you can see all the online activity by visitors. Less need to update the clients constantly by phone or e-mail. See Analytics sample:

  • A potential buyer has access to an accurate digital floor-plan and all the room measurements of the property he is interested in. (According to this survey, floor plans is the 2nd most important feature on a listing and correlates highly with capturing potential leads. Our clients always ask us for floor-plans, and we have to try to get them from the owners, but they are not always available. And you get actual accurate m2 which in most cases we always rely on the owners what they tell us, and it can be inaccurate as you know.

  • Chances that somebody makes an offer unseen could increase and you don’t always have to wait until the client is physically here in Uruguay.

  • There are statistics and reports in the USA that 3D featured properties sell faster.

  • If the office carries a VR viewer, a client or the agents can literally walk through a house and get to know without having to visit it. Helps new and existing agents to know the inventory better and faster.

In Uruguay, Engel&Voelkers Punta Del Este, RealEstate-In-Uruguay and the luxury Platform JamesEdition are currently featuring their properties with iGUIDEs. See some Real Estate samples here:

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