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Virtual 3D Tours

Virtual 3D Tours are gaining momentum in the advent of the current pandemic. People are reluctant to visit malls, showrooms, galleries, offices, houses for sale, and other gathering areas, whether for social or for business purposes. As the people adapt to the new norm, the technology also advances to help humanity live life as easy and free even past COVID19.


3D Virtual Tours provide excellent solutions for business owners and real estate agents looking forward to a unique way to showcase their products, properties, and inventory. Interactive and completely immersive 3D Virtual Tours offer customers, buyers, guests, and internet users a 24/7 physical door experience, allowing them to walk through your digital twin “A replica of physical location” anytime day and night. 


This is where our 3D Virtual Tour technology comes in by utilizing high-resolution 360-degree panoramas and stitching them together to form a story or virtual tour around the area or business. With the additional technology of e-commerce or peer-to-peer communication, people can interact and shop remotely with the same feeling of being in the location.  


Due to a recent increase and attraction for these 3D Virtual Tours, many internet platforms provide ease in uploading photos, additional creative videos, various creative elements such as music, text, links, etc. 3D Virtual Tours can be streamed all across the internet/web via almost any mobile, tablet or any other smart devices. With the rapid expansion in the adoption of phones, tablets, and other smart devices, it is certain that the consumption, absorption, and popularity of these interactive 3D Tours will only increase.

****For those clients for whom floor plans are less important than the visual tour itself, we now also offer the GIRAFFE 360 system, which may be more cost-effective for larger properties.****

What is the iGUIDE®

iGUIDE® is an interactive digital 3D Virtual platform allowing you to walk through a property, store, or any building with the experience of being there. Ideal for promoting properties, showrooms, model homes, developments, restaurants, galleries, hotels, wineries, etc., 24/7.

Who can benefit from iGUIDE®

Access to property information benefits everyone. Faster decision making, better planning, and easier navigation are the results. iGUIDE® 3D tours include floor plans, 360° images, room dimensions, photos, and more to make this happen.


For Real Estate, Architects, Designers, Construction Projects, and Insurances, we prefer using iGUIDE® over others for several reasons. The essential floor plans from iGUIDE® are more accurate than the confusing Doll Houses of others. There is no monthly/annual hosting fee with iGUIDE®. You get outdoor shoots from a DSLR Camera with iGUIDE® and DFX files to upload into a CAD or any floor planner App. See Samples:


For industries like Malls, Galleries, Retail stores, Wineries, Restaurants, etc. we create Hybrid Tours, which don’t need accurate floor plans but have many multimedia elements. We work primarily with 3D Vista Virtual Tour Pro or a combination of 3D Vista and iGUIDE® and a Mavic Pro 2 Drone with a Hasselblad camera.

iGuide Uruguay 3D | Tour Virtual 3d | Matterport | Uruguay

iGUIDE® to other 3D products

  • Less expensive than other similar 360 virtual 3D tours.

  • One time fee only.

  • No monthly hosting fees.

  • 99.6% accurate computer-generated custom floor plans included.

  • Outdoor 3D photography possible and included.

  • iGUIDE is virtual staging compatible.

  • Weekly analytics and internet traffic reports included.

  • You own your data and can also host a copy on your own server.

  • iGUIDE uses fewer data and loads much faster on a mobile device.

  • Online within 24 hours.

iGuide Uruguay 3D | Tour Virtual 3d | Matterport | Uruguay

Property Floor Plans

Leverage the power of accurately visualizing your real-estate listings by providing high-quality floor plans.


Buying a home represents so much more than the house itself. It is also accompanied with all of the furniture and décor – room measurements are a must.

3D Property Tours

Room Measurements

There’s simply no better way to showcase your listings than by immersing your prospects in a 3D property tour.

When it comes to a real-estate property, we know the importance of providing accurate floor area calculations – which is why this is part of the iGUIDE features package.

Professional Photos

Agent Information

They say an image is worth a thousand words and we know you know how important it is to have the best

photography on your listings.

Your information is always displayed at the very top, front and center. We want to ensure that as soon as a prospect is interested in your listing, they know how to contact you right away.

Neighborhood Information

The location of your listing matters greatly. Providing prospects with neighborhood information will only give you a competitive advantage as prospects want to be informed and aware.

Recorridos virtuales 3D Uruguay, Visitas virtuales 3D, propiedades virtuales 3D Virtual Tours Real Estate Uruguay, Matterport 3D Tours Uruguay

What We Do

We know first impressions matter; specially when it comes to purchasing real-estate.

We value the importance of showcasing your listings in the best way possible through incredible visual content. This is why at iGUIDE-Uruguay3D we pride ourselves in providing you with more than just great photography; we take care of all the little details so that you can focus your time on closing the deal.

Real Estate Photography


Google Business Tour

iGuide Uruguay 3D | Tour Virtual 3d | Matterport | Uruguay
iGuide Uruguay 3D | Tour Virtual 3d | Matterport | Uruguay
iGuide Uruguay 3D | Tour Virtual 3d | Matterport | Uruguay

Hear what iGUIDE® users have to say

We value testimonials as it gives us the opportunity to truly listen to our customers and motivates us to go beyond and above.


“Upon our introduction with the iGUIDE® platform we were immediate blown away by the innovative technology, never seen before in the market place. iGUIDE® provided our team with great efficiency in the overall process, allowing us to invest our time and focus in better servicing our clients.”

Sandra Sofio, Marketing Director E&V Punta Del Este

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